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DegreeDays.Api.Processing Namespace

For advanced use, this enables customization of the request/response processing (XML, HTTP, security etc.).
Public classEncodedString
An encoded string and a label describing its encoding.
Public classHttpRequestData
A set of parameter names and values to be sent in an HTTP request.
Public classHttpResponseStream
A simple wrapper around the Stream that comes as a response from the API servers.
Public classRequestSecurityInfo
Security info that needs to be generated and sent with each request to the API.
Public classSignature
A signature of the request together with a label describing the method that was used to create it.
Public classXmlHttpRequestProcessor
A concrete implementation of the IRequestProcessor interface that turns Request objects into XML, adds the necessary security details, sends them over HTTP to the Degree API servers, and parses the XML responses into Response object models.
Public interfaceIBytesToEncodedString
Encodes a byte array into an encoded string and a label describing its encoding.
Public interfaceIDateTimeFormatter
Formats date-times as strings.
Public interfaceIEndpointGetter
Gets an endpoint URL for a request.
Public interfaceIHttpRequestDispatcher
Sends an HttpRequestData to the API servers and returns a stream containing the response.
Public interfaceIRandomFactory
Generates the random strings that are sent with requests as part of the security mechanism that prevents replay attacks.
Public interfaceIRequestToXml
Turns the Request into an XML string.
Public interfaceIResponseParser
Parses the API response stream.
Public interfaceISigner
Creates a signature of the request, so that its integrity can be checked on the API servers.
Public interfaceIStringToBytes
Turns a string (like an XML request) into a byte array.
Public interfaceIUtcTimestampFactory
Creates timestamps for inclusion in requests.
Public interfaceIXmlRequestWrapper
Creates a complete XML request from a partial XML request (without any security info) and RequestSecurityInfo.